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Chelsea Handler Bashes Ann Coulter Next Last-Minute Cancelation: Her Book Is a “Piece of S‑‑t.”

After ultraconservative political writer also Donald Trump supporter Ann Coulter bailed at her Wednesday, Sep’28, program on Handler’s Netflix show in the closing minute, the liberal host took matters into her hands — and went on to close the pundit for nearly 10 minutes.

“Since I’m always involved in not realizing both parties in this election, I went out on a back and hired one of the most vocal Trump supporters in the nation,” Handler, an outspoken advocate for Hillary Clinton, said while taking up a copy of Coulter’s latest book, In Trump We Support. “Guess what she did? She described in sick right before the show today. Oh, no. I’m sorry. She emailed in sick. Do you understand how seriously I take this job? I was up at five a.m. this morning reading this piece of garbage.”
Alas, the show must move on, so Handler, 41, called in a body twice — played by comedian Fortune Feimster — to envision something their record may have done.
Feimster, wearing a platinum blonde wig, went on to read supposed passages from Coulter’s book, which were just inflammatory demands the right winger made throughout her work.

When Handler asked her view on women’s reproductive and voting powers, Feimster as Coulter allowed women should nevermore allow up their opinions. “It would be a very real country if women made no vote,” said Feimster.

The Mindy Project actress, 36, moved up while reading about the LGBTQ community. “Oh, I love happy people!” she gushed. “Oh, wait. I ignored who I was. Hold on. To quote me about gay people: ‘Ugh.’”

Handler and Feimster also roasted Coulter for calling former Democratic presidential candidate Al Gore gay. “Climate change is gay,” said Feimster. “Rainbows? Gay. You can’t get those without heat change. Science, people!”
Finally, Feimster turned the horses. As Handler proceeded to pepper her including questions, Feimster because Coulter called to escape this multitude also her audience for negative apparently holding my book.”

Still, Coulter always knew she’d be the end of Handler’s jokes. At the Comedy Center Roast of Rob Lowe August 27, she praised the comedian’s chops. “I believe she’s hilarious,” Coulter finally told Us Weekly. “She can cook me. It will be funny.”



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