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Drew Barrymore On Fire In Harper’s Market Photos

Came Barrymore is burning, literally, within the March 2016 issue of Harper’s Bazaar. Browse the photos below!

Barrymore did photograph with Jean-Paul Goude for that shoot; that is an homage towards the 1984 movie Firestarter. The blazing flick was among the former child star’s first roles, with Barrymore playing just a little girl with pyrokinesis – the opportunity to control fire with one’s mind. For that magazine spread, the actress seems with the top of her mind alight, with flames also emanating from her hands and ft.

Fittingly, within the associated interview, Barrymore discusses the idea of hotness. “Hot is a frame of mind. It’s a power. You’re hot when you are motivated. That means you would like it, and you’re pursuing it. Hot isn’t about standing on the A-listing of getting a warm body,” she states. “It’s those who are burning. Like Lena Dunham is burning. Amy Schumer. Louis C.K. I believe their names of comedy and existence observational stuff are the coolest I have viewed in a lot of years.”

Barrymore procedes to admit, “I don’t think I’m hot at this time always since I have my irons in a lot of various fires. I’m writing. I’m doing makeup. I’m doing design. I’m growing [my production company] Flower into the different groups. I believe it’s an enormous mistake to consider you need to burn vibrant for the whole existence. You can’t sustain it. It’s exhausting, and it is not so realistic.”

The star also reflects on illuminating the giant screen using the film adaptation of Stephen King’s Firestarter. “I always stated, ‘Back off. Back away. Just back away, out on another cause me to feel angry.’ I Then would clench my fists and scrunch my face a bit and breathe quickly, focus my eyes on something, after which mess it up,” recalls Barrymore.

She adds, “And although I’m this type of peacekeeping hippie, If only I’d that power now and then. I totally really wish I could blow some stuff track of my eyes.” For the time being, the photos below will need to do. A minimum of until a film reboot arrives.

“If I had been obsessive about the field of a movie the way in which I had been – and could eventually be again – I would like to remake Firestarter,” states Barrymore. “It’s this type of awesome concept. Ooh, along with the effects now, you could do this a lot!Inches Browse the results within the Harper’s Bazaar pics below!



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