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A Guy Spent $3.7M To Sleep By Megan Fox; She Didn’t Show, And He’s Not OK

I’m able to consider several things I’d do had $3.seven million to spare.

Maybe purchase a vacation mansion or two. Maybe buy a nice swagged-out boat. Maybe get me a never-ending way to obtain Chanel handbags. Or Louboutins. Or possibly just, like, anyone to dress me regularly.

Ooh! A treadmill of individuals software, such as the one Cher Horowitz had, to inform me if my clothes match or otherwise. Yes, certainly one of the individuals.

But $3.seven million for just one night with Megan Fox? OK, yes, I understand I’m biased like a straight lady. But I’m psychologically swapping her in my celebrity crush, Ashton Kutcher, and I’ve just gotta say… no.

Most likely this is not on the top of my list. Most likely this is not on the underside either. Most likely just this is not on theirs email list whatsoever, if we’re honest.

To a lot of reasons. The very first being I’d probably feel super awkward when Ashton showed up while he understood I had been so obsessive about him which I paid out $3.seven million to meet up with him.

Second, because I like Mila Kunis and prefer to ‘t be an evil home-wrecker.

However, the third, most logical reason could be because a part of me knows the individual is saying he’ll hook me track of for that fee of $3.seven million is most likely filled with horse shit.

Apparently, I’m a great deal wiser than the average super active Chinese business person who made the decision to covering out $3.seven million to meet up with Megan Fox and a few other famous babies.

He apparently compensated the significant sum for an escort agency like a fee to have sexual intercourse with supermodels along with A-list stars.

Yu “Martin” Xu claims he paid Australian guard company, Royal Court Escort, for “sexual services” of actress Megan Fox, Victoria’s Code Angel Candice Swanepoel (not Jalili. I understand, weird) and Chinese actress Angelababy.

But, have this, you guys. THE A-LIST STARS DIDN’T Appear TO BOINK HIM.

So he’s made the decision to file a suit in Top Court. Can’t wait to determine how this situation covers.



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