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Maternity Swimsuits are Awesome – including We’ve Come a Long Way

Whenever you check out the bold, daring and glamorous maternity swimsuits available to women today, you’ll never consider because there was a time when girls visited the swimming pool or the beach in swimsuits that seemed much more like ball gowns! These types of bathing suits were genuinely shorter and yet nevertheless almost looked like long dresses. Ridiculous, huh?

It was in the 1920s when fashion in swimsuits made headway into the strict conventions of that period. Still, the androgynous, sports tank suits with their built-in modesty shorts remained far away from the more liberating and revealing bathing suits we’ve got today. Additionally, these certainly didn’t qualify as maternity swimsuits in the second to the third trimesters mainly because the cut wasn’t sufficiently supportive and also materials far from stretchy enough. Heaven forbid, too, that a pregnant gal would last witnessed parading about in her swimsuit!

The 1930s were bathing suits and carefully appear like the contemporary counterparts. You will find the bathing suits of this period in two pieces with the bottoms cut higher above the legs and the cloth a lot more figure-hugging when compared with before. Pregnant women might now wear the two-piece bathing suit but most definitely around her backyard swimming pool only.

And next came the 1940s with its structured corsets and bone straps for swimsuits. Because the corsets emphasized the hourglass figure of the women, you will surmise that expecting mothers weren’t able to wear these types of bathing suits.

When the bikini came on the scene, about 1946, the theater of maternity swimsuits was transformed for the better. The bikini made possible for the belly-proud attitude whereby the pregnant woman may display her tummy for just anybody to look.

With the more free position in culture relating to body image, increasingly more pregnant women started to be dressed in maternity swimsuits to public seashores and swimming pools with no fear involving recriminations. Girls are now able to select from numerous styles which range from the simple tankinis and baby dolls to some far more revealing bikinis. Indeed, when you’ve got the tummy, flaunt it!


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