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Portia de Rossi Demands Silence Of Ellen DeGeneres And Home Staff?

Portia de Rossi doesn’t demand “silence” from Ellen DeGeneres or their staff when she’s in your home, despite a brand new tabloid report. Gossip Cop can solely correct the claim. We’re told it’s “completely false.”

Based on the frequently discredited National Enquirer, de Rossi “demands and will get [silence] from intimidated slaves, who walk on eggshells when she’s around.” The tabloids apparently make believe source states in abnormally descriptive language, “Portia insists on absolute silence from her household staff. She will get mega-stressed, particularly if she’s been working late on her behalf show ‘Scandal,’ doing press or traveling.” “She wants it to pin-drop silent, and when a maid or prepare absentmindedly homes while working, there’s hell to pay for, Inches alleges the publication’s credible source.

And it is not only the assistance, claims playboy. The outlet’s questionable source further alleges, “Ellen shrugs, but knows, along with employees, that whenever Portia’s present, it’s strictly STFU.”

Really? Does she make everybody calm in her house, including her wife of nearly eight years? Not shockingly, a flawless de Rossi and DeGeneres source assure Gossip Cop the tabloid’s tale is “completely false.”

But maybe it’s time the publication continues silently about de Rossi and DeGeneres. Gossip Cop has remedied the supermarket tabloid again and again because of its false reviews concerning the two. Only a couple of several weeks ago, we busted the Enquirer to have an entirely false cover story that incorrectly alleged DeGeneres and de Rossi were getting divorced since the “Scandal” star had fallen deeply in love with a guy. We remedied the opening on numerous other occasions, including if this inaccurately stated in another cover story that DeGeneres and de Rossi were quarreling over getting an infant.



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