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Power Lawyers 2016: Hollywood’s Top 100 Attorneys

The feuds and financial stakes are larger than ever as THR presents its annual listing of the 100 top legal minds in Hollywood, who brokered Wanda’s $3.5 billion acquisition of Legendary, assisted Hulk Hogan smack lower Gawker and required sites within the Kesha-Dr. Luke fight.Every year within the last decade, The Hollywood Reporter has researched the larger deals and lawsuits within the entertainment industry to look for the 100 most influential lawyers in Hollywood. In the talent dealmakers for everybody from Jennifer Lawrence to Steven Spielberg towards the litigators likely to war for Disney, Warner Bros. as well as Charlie Sheen, THR’s list is just about the bible for who’s who of legal minds in showbiz.

This season, their email list features Hulk Hogan’s Gawker players, the arbitrators behind Wanda’s $3.5 billion acquisition of Legendary Entertainment, each side from the Kesha v. Dr. Luke mess, Sean Penn’s dog (who’s threatening to consider a $ten million bite from Empire co-creator Lee Daniels) and a slew of other lawyers who keep Hollywood running.




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