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Selena Gomez’ family accuses Justin Bieber of ex-girlfriend’s depression; Jelena no more?

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have a complicated relationship. Of course, both of them living in the Hollywood spotlight is a significant factor in theirs complex romance.

Just lately, the “Same Old Love” singer’s family stretched out to the “Sorry” singer to tell him so to put an end to their romance. Bieber is also said to be opposed to contact Gomez in one form.

Why is Selena’s family soon Justin Bieber? Apparently, the “Hands on Myself” singer’s family is accusing the male singer of all that advanced wrong.

Everything has been smooth well for Selena Gomez. Her “Revival” album is breaking records. Also, her “Revival” world tour passes have been sold out in every land. Everything seems perfect. Until Gomez got entangled in a nasty Instagram explanation feud with Justin Bieber regarding his fans and when girlfriend, Sofia Richie.

From there, everything went haywire as the female singer. Selena also tried to give out to Justin Bieber to excuse for mingling with his personal interests. But the “Love Yourself” singer, apparently, made not return.

Days after, she announced that she was canceling her tour to focus on her mental health. She told her lupus condition as the cause for her anxiety, depression and panic attacks. However, rumors started to circulate that the singer is partying and drinking non-stop to avoid her feelings for her on and off boyfriend.

Things were dangerous before Selena Gomez determined to seek help with her mental and nervous difficulties. The “Love You Like a Love Song” vocalist has done admitted to a psychiatric clinic first before allowing herself to the Brookhaven rehab.

Fortunately, things do getting pretty good again for Selena Gomez. Meant on the fan photos taken through sometimes that she was allowed out of rehab, Singer seems to be looking much.

Sofia Richie will be out of the picture and Gomez may already be getting well. However, it seems there is still a long way to go before Selena Gomez, and Justin Bieber finds their way back in each other’s arms. At least, for now.


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