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The Best Place to mount your iPhone/Galaxy in Your Car Mount Review 2017

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Today I’m going to tell you what I think are the best car mats depending on where you want to put them in your car, I’ve been using a ton of car mounts over the last few years, but I’ve got a lot of car mounts to you to share with you guys.

I’m going to talk about the best car models for the different locations as well as the pros and cons for each location kind of right off the bat. I am very sound to these magnetic mounts cause they can come on and your dashboard or wherever you end up putting it quickly. So it’s just it’s nice to be able to immediately pull your phone off of a car mount as well as put it back on. So based on used in the car mounts in a bunch of different cars over the last few months I’ve broken down the areas into the following driver side, window rear view, mirror center – vents. The console area as well as the cup holder. Now I won’t focus on a specific brand as most Lee’s car mounts nobody does anything special, these vent mounts are a dime a dozen now before we get to the guts of this review, there are two questions you guys need to consider when blinding sunlight of hope.
1. Getting a car mount is how big is your device and
2. How often are you going to be mounting your iPhone? So those are two questions to keep in mind as you go through this and hopefully it’ll help you choose the right car mount for you.
3. Number three is the car holder mounts, and I didn’t think you could mount your device in a cup holder. But I did find this gear beast ascend on Amazon it was intriguing so I bought it and once I got it immediately, regretted it now out of all the cars I’ve sat in I’ve been unable to find a comfortable place to mount my car. The cup holder mount gets in the way of the gear shifter which for me is pretty significant in the development of my manual transmission vehicle. Now I think a cup holder mounts may work for larger vehicles like trucks because console areas are so large, but you’re losing a cup holder which is incredibly useful because you tend to put anything other than cups in your cup holders.
4. Number four goes to the console area now, my experience on most of the products that recommend, mounting it on your console are products that get with integrated magnets products like notice leather, case night eyes and mag packs would fall into this category. My biggest issue with mounting it on your console is that you’re working to be covering something up now there’s probably a ton of buttons on your console that you’ve probably used once and don’t know what they mean used. At this very moment but you know for me the moment I put an egg back with an iPhone 5s in it and cover up a bunch of buttons. All I can think of are the buttons that I can’t use whether I know what they are or not the other problem is that mounting. It on a console will take away from the general design from the console removing these semi-permanent mounts is a pain in the butt as you can see here I’ve gotten so many I’ve deleted. So many mounts from this location that I’ve damaged the Akan Salib is the only benefit of having it on the console area is that there’s no chance that your device is going to overheat on a warm day or a hot day which is something that does happen when you mount it on the windshield. Now if I had to choose a console mount I would probably go with a nit ease product because it gives you the best flexibility regarding viewing angles.
5. The last thing to consider is if you are going this route and you do have a more significant iPhone; the more significant iPhone is going to cover more of your console specific products like the network as well.
Larger products because the weight of the iPhone will change the viewing a little kind of slide down over time number, two goes to the rearview mirror central – air and I see a lot of devices remaining mounted in this vast area. And for a good reason, it’s out of the way it’s not in the way like the console doesn’t require much work to check and generally, anybody can view the screen in the vehicle for this general setup. I do prefer the dash mount because the lower height allows me to reach the device a little more comfortable if you are thinking about getting a mount for this location I suggest getting one with an extendable arm like this kitchen iPad stand products. Like the little mount aren’t going to be useful unless you were planning on using your Smartphone as a dash cam, as a side note and I did mention this before but mounting it here will increase the chances of your device overheating. Now, this overall area I’m not a big fan of, because entire said was quite distracting there’s something right in the middle of my windshield which I don’t like now. You probably get used to it over time but you know I try to avoid pedestrians who don’t look both ways before crossing. So sometimes I might get distracted by that giant Smartphone in the middle of my – if you’re going to get something to this location, I actively going with a magnetic map because you’re able to quickly mount the device as well as changing the orientation of the invention. The magnetic mounts are usually smaller in seismic who makes it easier to see around, and it doesn’t hold out like a sore thumb like other Ranma just as just BAM in your face for the dashboard mounting. I would use a ram mount as was as kitchen iPad stand and note I say this because they’ve got sticky pieces that you can attach to ensure that you get a good – mounting solution that I already have. A neat concept as you push your smart device into it and then the arms clamp down on it but the entire thing is not as slick as a Meg mount, and the RAM mount requires two hands actually to mount your Smartphone. Note if you do need something more robust there RAM mount is probably the toughest one out of all the mounts. That we’ve used and it even comes with this rubbery thing that helps you secure your Smartphone even better when taken into account. The size of your device specific mounts that offer just a stick no sticky pad just a suction cup may not stay on the windshield as long because of the weight. I do know that these suction cup mounts do tend to come off of your windshield after driving for a while, so you know if you don’t want to take the chance of having your phone fly everywhere while you drive stick with what sticks with a kitchen iPad stand or a ram mount. Number three is the vents or CD area. and this is, in my opinion, this is the best place for people who don’t need to mount their devices all the time.that’s Me I only need to see my iPhone if I’m navigating to a place I’ve ever never been to or I’m waiting for a call while I Drive between sites so being able to quickly mount my iPhone in my car and remove the actual mount is very seems very efficient to me. I would go with a medic Natick car mount for the same reasons as I’ve talked before and got a mount where you have a spare joint or an extra joint that allows you to turn your device to fall towards you. An example of this is one of these I face jointed magnetic mounts for my vent my only issue with these. Car mounts are that you’re blocking a vent this might not be an issue into a place where the climate is mild, but I live in an area where snow and cold weather exists for 4 to 5 months out of the year. So heat is significant to me losing a vent is a big deal also with vent mounts. Depending on how hot it gets your Smartphone. The smartphone might overheat. The removal of the mounts is also beneficial to people who are afraid of leaving stuff in their car you know being able to hide a vent mount quickly is going toward maybe off. Potential people are breaking into your car and taking your vent mount and the 37 cents that you have in your change dish regarding the size of the device.I don’t think it matters how big your phone is causing the mounts are not going to go anywhere, and they’re pretty stable number one is the driver’s side windshield area this is my preferred location for my device. Because It’s out of the system, and I can still keep track of areas or monitor possible phone calls.
Now the only reason why I wouldn’t keep it here is if you prefer to keep your smartphone in landscape orientation and you’ve got a giant phone like the iPhone 7 plus the Apple 7 plus on a magnetic, I face balance has comically abundant in this area. It is also a smaller area so using a more significant mount like the RAM mount might not work as well. So those are all the mounts and areas if you need a full list of all the mounts and a short description of whether they’re right or not, to check them in the description section below. If you have questions, leave them down there in the comments section below, or you could find me on Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, Amazon you can ask them on my website as well. Thanks for reading the difference between magnetic mounts of regular mounts the magnetic mounts the pros, you can easily mount them un-mount them, you have to have a fascinating case now this seems to be a little more familiar nowadays but it’s still something that is quite bulky, or you might not find. Other solutions allow you to attach a magnet to the back of your iPhone or Android device, but that’s not great either because those attractions are incredibly tight to take off. I’m not a big fan of it, make sure you got long fingernails before you go and try to take a fascinating thing off. So thanks for reading.

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