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Zac Efron: Is He Trying To Get Sami Miro Back? — The Truth

Is Zac Efron attempting to win his ex, Sami Miro, back? Well, based on her lately erased tweets, he’s. But HollywoodLife.com has Solely learned another side towards the story.

“Zac [Efron] isn’t thinking about getting Sami [Miro] back. He’s been far too busy marketing his movie to become chasing after her. That is silly, and it is an apparent attempt by Sami to help keep herself relevant since she isn’t with Zac. But Zac isn’t allowing it to bother him – his mind remains centered on work at this time. His career is coming up, and Baywatch is going to emerge, plus, he’s beginning on his movie with Hugh Jackman. He does not have here we are at her drama. That’s a primary reason things didn’t exercise together with her; he wants to keep his existence drama free.



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