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Ashton Kutcher “Stewing” Above Mila Kunis And Macaulay Culkin Relationship?

Ashton Kutcher isn’t “stewing” over Mila Kunis’ exposure to Macaulay Culkin, despite a fabricated tabloid report. Gossip can solely correct this claim. We are told it’s “not true.”

Based on the National Enquirer, Kunis is on the “mission to rescue” her ex-boyfriend Culkin, and her husband isn’t happy about her still being carefully associated with the actor, whom she dated for eight years. The tabloid claims Kunis is continually attempting to “save” Culkin, that has been affected by drug gossips. A so-known as source informs playboy, “Mila swears she’s given to Ashton as well as their daughter, but additionally really wants to see Mac thriving. She told Ashton to conquer themselves.” But Gossip  checked along with a resource near to Kunis, who solely assures us the tabloid’s tale is just “not true.”

Regrettably, Gossip has frequently needed to on-site visit the Enquirer for trying to produce a nonexistent rift within Kunis and Kutcher. We lately busted the tabloid for wrongly claiming that Kunis was searching to divorce her husband while he visited a Thai massage parlor in La, and she or he was suspicious she got a “happy ending.” But no such service was rendered, and Kunis never was concerned. Gossip  also formerly remedied Playboy for wrongly declaring Kunis declined to employ any “hot nannies” because she was scared of Kutcher cheating. The tabloid’s latest story concerning Culkin is similarly false.



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